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Tuyển Dụng Giám Sát Phòng Bảo Trì (Maintenance Supervisor)

Thứ năm - 28/03/2013 11:26
Khách hàng của chúng tôi la Cty điện tử mới thành lập tại Khu Công Nghiệp Mỹ Phước & Khu VSIP2 Thành phố mới Bình Dương cần tuyển 2 Nam Giám Sát bộ phận bảo trì- Maintenance Supervisor. GENERAL FUNCTION: Under the direction of the Director or other appropriate administrative staff, is responsible for coordinating and supervising the work of employees in the general maintenance and upkeep of buildings, grounds, and equipment. Responsible for maintaining electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and related systems. Performs the work of employees and other duties as required.
Supervises and assigns the work of maintenance employees. 
Inspects work for completeness. 
Determines material, equipment, and supplies to be used. Transfers equipment and 
personnel from one project to another as necessary. 
Keeps time cards and other routine records. 
Coordinates or installs, inspects, repairs and maintains the electrical, plumbing, 
mechanical and other related systems in all health department locations. 
Coordinates or inspects, operates and maintains the heating, cooling and ventilation 
systems (including boiler system) in all health department locations. 
Does general repairs such as painting, patching walls, security hardware, hanging shelves 
and landscaping. 
Coordinates renovations of existing facilities and the construction of new facilities. 
Coordinates and inspects major contract work on the electrical, plumbing, mechanical 
and other related systems in all health department locations. 
Possession of a current and valid motor vehicle operator's license.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Tasks so highly routine may simply require standardized 
instructions without continuous direct supervisory observation.
SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Assigns and inspects the work of other maintenance 
and janitorial employees.
JOB TITLE: Maintenance Supervisor
Ability to meet and deal tactfully and courteously with fellow employees and 
Ability to install, inspect, repair and maintain the electrical, plumbing and other related 
systems of all district health department locations. 
Ability to perform various clean-up and maintenance tasks as needed. 
Ability to update inventories and other supplies as needed. 
Ability to inspect, operate and maintain the heating, cooling and ventilation system and 
the boiler system. Skill in maintaining and repairing security hardware. 
Ability to understand complex written and oral instructions. 
Two years experience in general maintenance or other maintenance responsibilities that 
would include the ability to recognize electrical, plumbing, and mechanical malfunctions 
or equipment failures. Formal training in related fields will substitute on a year-for year.
Salary : Negotiation (will be dicuss on interview)
Nộp hồ sơ qua địa chỉ email: Sales.nhankiet@gmail.com
Hạn chót nộp hồ sơ: 30.04.2013

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