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Four Vietnamese young talents honored by int'l “technological circle”

Chủ nhật - 28/04/2013 13:25
They are boys and girls who are only at the age of twenty, but their talent has been appreciated by famous technology groups in the world.


Pham Thi Thanh Nga - youngest employee of Microsoft Vietnam

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

Born in early 90s, Pham Thi Thanh Nga was admitted to Microsoft - one of the most valuable companies in the world - when she was a student. Currently, Nga is the youngest employee of Microsoft in Vietnam.

To get that coveted position, Thanh Nga experienced a period of learning and exploring research on the road to conquer the required knowledge and extremely difficult criteria set by Microsoft.

Talking about her feelings when she was admitted by Microsoft Vietnam and about her three-month probation in Singapore, Thanh Nga said: "This was a great opportunity for me and I tried to show all of the capabilities that I have and I saw this as a big challenge to overcome in life."

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

And after three months of probation, with great effort, the desire to learn, Nga became the official staff of Microsoft Vietnam. "Although the work is challenging, but as the youngest employee in the company, other people in the company enthusiastically shared their experiences about work and life with me," Nga said.

Nga is now a marketing officer of Microsoft Vietnam and also an excellent student of the Hanoi Foreign Trade University. 

Nguyen Thanh Nhan – a staff of Google

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

As a former student of the math – informatics class for gifted students of the Hanoi University of Pedagogy, Nguyen Thanh Nhan, who was born in late 80s, is one of the Vietnamese staff who is highly appreciated for their ability in the world leading technology group - Google.

Nhan won numerous awards in mathematics, computer sciences, science and technology since he was a student in Vietnam and when he studied in the US. 

After his period of internship at Google in Silicon Valley in the U.S., two of the four interviewers wrote to him to persuade Nhan to work for Google, with the reason "your skills will serve a lot of people in the world." However, Nhan joined Chai Labs, a hi-tech company in the U.S.

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

In 2010, Nhan decided to work for Google. After more than a year there, he received two certificates of merit for helping increase revenue for Google. In addition, the financial manager of Google commended that the progress of Nhan’s group is the root for development of Google.

"If combining the Internet and the hard work, the intelligence of the Vietnamese, I believe that there will be high-tech company founded in Vietnam to serve not only the domestic market but also the world," Nhan said about the future of technology in Vietnam.

Huynh Cong Thinh - honored by Microsoft for four times

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

Being honored by Microsoft for four times is the record made by the young man Huynh Cong Thinh, but Thinh was very modest when talking about his accomplishments.

"Everything I do comes from passion, the dream of dedication and sharing my knowledge to the community. That is also the work to improve my understanding, besides relationships, new friends or little joy from friends all over for me," he said about his job at Microsoft.

When Thinh was a second-year student at the HCM City Post and Telecommunications Institute, Thinh participated in the development and management of the forum "Community of Windows users in Vietnam" at with the aim of sharing experiences, tips to use the popular Windows operating system of Microsoft. So far, this forum has more than 100,000 members.

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

With a strong passion for technology, especially the Windows operating system, Thinh continued to develop his forte to write books like Windows Vista Handbook publisher by the Labor Publishing House in 2008, Windows 7 Feature Guide for Microsoft Vietnam, Windows 7 Vietnam Fanpage, part of the project to support Vietnamese users of Microsoft, etc.

With the above dedication, Thinh was awarded the MVP title of Microsoft (Most Valuable Professional).

Young man hunted by big corporations

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

Disclosure of information technology talent from his childhood, Viet Anh received great encouragement and investment from his family for studies. He won a lot of awards at many IT competitions in Vietnam.
Going to America for further study, Viet Anh continued to demonstrate his remarkable talent when obtained perfect score A + in school, a perfect score 2400/2400 in SAT II exams, despite the language barriers. 

In the learning process, Viet Anh was passionate about research of network and computer science. Thanks to that solid knowledge and experience, Viet Anh was invited by IBM and Microsoft to be their intern when he was a second year student.

young talent, vietnamese, IT, high tech, groups, honors

During his internship period in Beijing, when he was a fourth-year student (at the invitation of the technical manager of the Microsoft Asia Research Institute), he was assigned to be in charge of the project on applying mobile technology to improve people's health. Viet Anh had the opportunity to present directly to Bill Gates about his MyWalk software that encourages daily eating activities.

Viet Anh got a master degree in computer science after five years of study at MIT. Overcoming several rounds of tests and interviews in major technology corporations in the US, He was admitted by Facebook, Google and Microsoft at the same time.

He decided to join the Google headquarters in Mountain View (Silicon Valley, USA) as a software engineer researching Android mobile platform.

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